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Dutch Stairs’ mission is to promote and offer our innovative stair design. Potential partners or parties, who are interested in a license agreement to market our unique stair design, are invited to contact us.

The idea

A concealed trapdoor that turns into a staircase fully automatically. This innovative solution was designed during a major renovation of a monumental farmhouse. The location of the basement stairs wasn’t placed logically in the floor plan, therefore Dutch Stairs designed and developed a stylish and practical staircase that has the functionality of a normal floor when not in use. During design and development safety aspects were constantly discussed, revisited and incorporated into the design. 

One of the safety driven improvements was a bannister around the stairwell that erects during folding out the trapdoor to a fully functional staircase. The patent application for this innovative design of Dutch Stairs is currently in process.

Technical operation

The trapdoor is fully secured while in rest position and functions as any typical floor. Pushing the “Transform” button activates a hydraulic cylinder that will unlock the trapdoor and put a second set of cylinders in motion that transforms the floor trapdoor into stairs. 

For safety reasons the button is manually operated during the whole process (hold to run); releasing the button immediately stops the process. While the stairway lowers to basement level, the bannister rises at the same time. During this process the steps stay horizontal and stable at all times. Stairs and bannister are connected by means of a balance system that requires minimal power during the (un)folding process. 

The drive cylinder remains pressurized after transformation of the trapdoor to staircase, ensuring that the stairs and bannister are secured during use. Transforming the staircase back to trapdoor is easily done by pushing and holding the “Transform” button, after which the stairs and bannister transform back into floor space.

Use and options

This innovative solution offers added value to houses, offices, workshops, hotel & restaurants, maritime shipping and industry in general combining and utilizing floor space versus lower laying floor accessibility.

The stairs come in various dimensions and materials can be selected. The shown version has (European) standard stairwell dimensions of 90×270 cm. It is possible to choose the same material for the floor and the steps or to choose a totally different material to let the trapdoor stand out.

The bannister can be constructed in materials like steel, wood or stone, allowing to design the staircase to your personal preference and looks. So many options to choose from!



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